So what is it with Dabangg

I cannot for the world imagine, what makes a movie like Dabangg a superhit.

Is it that we like corrupt cops?
Or cops who cannot dance? 
Or break into a dance when bashing up villains, when their cellphone rings with some peppy ringtone?

What are great actors like Om Puri and Aupam Kher doing in this movie - playing blink and miss roles?

So what is the story about?  Two (real life) brothers, born to different fathers.  Father hates step son and vice versa. Step son becomes cop and is corrupt (why?).   Some female is brainless enough to romance the idle son.  I don't know about you, but I thought Arbaaz Khan looked older than Salman Khan, though in the movie (as in real life), it is the reverse.

Then there is a villain from nowhere, introduced to prolong the agony.  There is a tasteless item number with lurid lyrics - Zandu Balm and so on.  In fact, rather than suing Dabangg, Zandu Balm should exploit the success of the movie - free advertisement if you ask me.

The debutant heroine looks all puffed up - fortunately she does not have anything to do (read act) in the movie, other than expose her back when possible.

But then, are so many critics wrong?