Watching movies in office laptop

We usually like to watch movies in our LCD TV by connecting the laptop to the PC-in socket.  So what is newsworthy?  Thanks to office IT policies, the screensaver kicks in every 5 minutes.  You need to provide the password and unlock it.  It is annoying to make some mouse movements, every other minute to prevent this, especially when you sit away from the laptop.  Since this is a domain configuration, you cannot disable it as well.

It was only the other day that I hit upon a simple solution to the problem - the "Switch User" feature in Windows (XP onwards).  Thanks to Administrator rights on the laptop, you can reset the password of an existing local user (I couldn't add a new Local user - haven't figured out if it was due to access issues).  Now, "Switch" to this user.  Since it is not a "domain user", the security policies (like the screensaver) does not apply.

Why "Switch User" instead of "log out"?  Faster, of course, since mostly I "hibernate" the laptop when not in use.