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Driving to Coimbatore

Driving to Coimbatore from Bangalore is a pleasurable experience thanks to the tolled roads for almost the entire stretch (barring around 30 km).   The tolls will set you back by around Rs.300/- but it is arguably made up for by the car mileage, thanks to being able to drive consistently at 80-100 kmph.

Last month, we started from home in Bangalore around 5 AM and could reach our Coimbatore home by 12.15 PM, traversing 380 km with a break of 45 minutes.  The break was interestingly around 6.15 AM in Adyar Anandha Bhavan before Krishnagiri.

Likewise, we left Coimbatore at 2 PM and were home by 9.15 PM with a similar break, this time at A2B on the opposite side immediately after the Thopur toll.

The "non-tolled" road is after Kumarapalayam and before Coimbatore.

It is easy to keep track of the distance and time thanks to the numerous toll gates that we have to pass through on the way. 

TimeLocationAmount05:17Hosur Down RampRs.3505:33AttibeleRs.2007:28KrishnagiriRs.…

Of customer and service

The water purifier at our home decided to stop working last Saturday.  After we had tried in vain to get it going, we called the customer support.   We were told some one will come around 4 PM.

4 PM came and went and no sign of any one.   No regret call, none to intimate a new time.

We went out on errands and it was close to 9 PM when we came back.  We realized there was no drinking water at home.   We saw our milk supplier, who also supplies drinking water,  as we were climbing up the stairs to our floor.  We asked him if he could supply us water.  He said he had no water cans left but could do so early tomorrow.  Then he saw the expression on our face and asked if it was urgent.  When we said so, he immediately made a few calls.

In two minutes, we had drinking water at home.

I was thus exposed to two different types of customer service.  The water purifier guy should have called us if he could not come as scheduled. The milk supplier need not have taken the trouble to get us water i…

The Flight to Cochin

We decided to fly down to Cochin for navarathri/puja/dussera.  It was an Air India flight from Bangalore, which went to Cochin, with a stopover in Chennai. 

The flight left on schedule at 8.30 AM and was in Chennai in less than an hour.  There was a 45 minute halt in Chennai, where we witnessed first-hand, how the aircraft is cleaned in preparation for the next journey.  We could not alight from the aircraft.

It took off thereafter to Cochin.  When I talked to my mother in the morning, I had heard that it was raining in Cochin.  As it turned 11 AM, the aircraft began to experience turbulence.   The food service had just completed and the trays were almost cleared.  The air hosts (there were two of them in the Economy section), were just wrapping up things, when the turbulence began to increase. 

Turbulence are not uncommon, but this one was too long and sustained.  Considering that we were to land at 11.30 AM and we finally landed at 12.30, I am pretty sure the aircraft went around th…

Remembering paatti

My paatti (grandmother - father's mother) died when I was 11 years old.  She was only 66 years old when she passed away. She had been hospitalized for some ailment and developed some complication.  She died a sumangali since thatha (grandfather) was still alive.

I remember paatti as a short thin woman. She always wore 9 yards (podavai). She was soft-spoken yet firm. Though she had limited education, she was well-versed in scriptures. I believe she knew sanskrit - a language which thatha learnt after her death.

My thatha-paatti always stayed with us, except when they visited their other children.  I feel this was the best that could have happened to us. The things that I learnt - consciously and sub-consciously due to their presence is enormous.

Paatti used to tell us stories from scriptures. She used to constantly read Narayaneeyam and Sundarakandam, besides other shlokas. Mostly she used to read aloud (thatha was louder though).  Thus, our home had very good vibes.

We had a small…