Driving to Coimbatore

Driving to Coimbatore from Bangalore is a pleasurable experience thanks to the tolled roads for almost the entire stretch (barring around 30 km).   The tolls will set you back by around Rs.300/- but it is arguably made up for by the car mileage, thanks to being able to drive consistently at 80-100 kmph.

Last month, we started from home in Bangalore around 5 AM and could reach our Coimbatore home by 12.15 PM, traversing 380 km with a break of 45 minutes.  The break was interestingly around 6.15 AM in Adyar Anandha Bhavan before Krishnagiri.

Likewise, we left Coimbatore at 2 PM and were home by 9.15 PM with a similar break, this time at A2B on the opposite side immediately after the Thopur toll.

The "non-tolled" road is after Kumarapalayam and before Coimbatore.

It is easy to keep track of the distance and time thanks to the numerous toll gates that we have to pass through on the way. 

Onward Return

Time Location Amount
05:17 Hosur Down Ramp Rs.35
05:33 Attibele Rs.20
07:28 Krishnagiri Rs.25
08:08 Thopur Rs.66
08:49 Omalur Rs.53
09:23 Salem Rs.41
10:01 Kumarapalayam Rs.37
11:44 Coimbatore Rs.31

Time Location Amount
14:09 Coimbatore Rs.31
15:10 Kumarapalayam Rs.31
15:59 Salem Rs.41
16:40 Omalur Rs.53
17:05 Thopur Rs.66
 * Krishnagiri *
20:26 Attibele Rs.20
20:35 Hosur Down Ramp Rs.35

* Toll not collected due to some traffic jam on that day