The Flight to Cochin

We decided to fly down to Cochin for navarathri/puja/dussera.  It was an Air India flight from Bangalore, which went to Cochin, with a stopover in Chennai. 

The flight left on schedule at 8.30 AM and was in Chennai in less than an hour.  There was a 45 minute halt in Chennai, where we witnessed first-hand, how the aircraft is cleaned in preparation for the next journey.  We could not alight from the aircraft.

It took off thereafter to Cochin.  When I talked to my mother in the morning, I had heard that it was raining in Cochin.  As it turned 11 AM, the aircraft began to experience turbulence.   The food service had just completed and the trays were almost cleared.  The air hosts (there were two of them in the Economy section), were just wrapping up things, when the turbulence began to increase. 

Turbulence are not uncommon, but this one was too long and sustained.  Considering that we were to land at 11.30 AM and we finally landed at 12.30, I am pretty sure the aircraft went around the Airport (or thereabouts) for a while.  None of the passengers were comfortable and at some point of time, we could see a couple of them began to vomit.  In fact, a passenger became air-sick after the flight landed.

It was time for prayers as the flight got tossed up and down, left and right.  Luckily it was an Airbus (A320). I was wondering how it could have been if it was a smaller flight.  Added to it, I had just read a news item that 7 flight were diverted from Calicut Airport to Cochin and Trivandrum, the previous day, due to bad weather.

In contrast to the turbulence, the landing was miraculously smooth.  If I remember it right, it was Captain Bhagat Singh.  I couldn't help thinking of the legenday Indian freedom fighter.

All in all, an interesting flight.   We had initially planned to take the Volvo bus from Airport to Vytilla, but changed our minds quickly, seeing the rains.  The Airport staff actually had an open umbrella to help us cross the stairs into the Airport bus - that was so nice.

The drive from Airport to our home (in M G Road) was completely in rain.   It was close to 2 PM when we reached.


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