Of customer and service

The water purifier at our home decided to stop working last Saturday.  After we had tried in vain to get it going, we called the customer support.   We were told some one will come around 4 PM.

4 PM came and went and no sign of any one.   No regret call, none to intimate a new time.

We went out on errands and it was close to 9 PM when we came back.  We realized there was no drinking water at home.   We saw our milk supplier, who also supplies drinking water,  as we were climbing up the stairs to our floor.  We asked him if he could supply us water.  He said he had no water cans left but could do so early tomorrow.  Then he saw the expression on our face and asked if it was urgent.  When we said so, he immediately made a few calls.

In two minutes, we had drinking water at home.

I was thus exposed to two different types of customer service.  The water purifier guy should have called us if he could not come as scheduled. The milk supplier need not have taken the trouble to get us water in such short time.


  1. Raghu,
    I regularly read your blog. I like the way you write, weaving a thread around ordinary events..

    Best Regards
    Ravi R


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