A Nice Experience

Last week, I wanted to renew my Two Wheeler Vehicle Insurance.  Ever since I bought it, Bajaj Allianz is the insurance provider.  I used to renew the policy by going to their office.  The last two years, I had done the renewal online
I had received a couple of SMS as well as calls from Bajaj Allianz reminding me of the impending renewal.

I provided the required information which took me to successive pages, including the payment gateway, ultimately, resulting in a confirmation page.  I took a screenshot of the page for reference. I got an SMS from my credit card provider stating that the online transaction had been processed.  I could not however find the link to download the policy. Nor did I receive any confirmation email.

I waited for a couple of days and then emailed Bajaj Allianz (around 8 PM) using the email proved in their Contact us link.  I really did not expect any response and was prepared to call them the next morning.  Imagine my shock when I received a response in 10 minutes stating that Bajaj Allianz had no information about such a transaction and could I give more details.  I relooked at the confirmation page and then I saw it - "Your payment has not been received by Bajaj Allianz".  I logged into the website of my Credit card provider and saw no item indicating the premium amount either. This confirmed what Bajaj Allianz had stated.

I revisited the Online renewal website and this time could successfully renew the policy.  Not only did I get a link to download the policy, the same was sent by email as well.

I noticed that the Address on my policy was my old residence.  I replied to the email stating that the earlier transaction had indeed not worked, but I could renew it the second time.  I also requested for an address change. 

I checked my email the next morning to find an email sent at midnight responding to my mail.   I don't know if it is 24x7 email support, but indeed the response time was impressive.

I subsequently received calls with details for address change  - all in all a very nice customer experience and one which will make me recommend the company for insurance needs.