On Being ill

I caught a cold last week (or should I say cold caught me)?  

Each time, I tell that I will go to the doctor at the slightest hint of illness.   It does not happen. I think, it is just a little cold. It will go off tomorrow. 

First, there is running nose (not literally, of course)!  Ah, that is good sign - that the cold is coming out through the nose.

Soon there is sore throat.  Surely gargling with hot salt water will take care of it?  Again, a sign of cold coming out of the system?

A mild headache, then sneezin, coughing... Soon it is four days - multiple symptoms, no sign of the cold leaving.  

Avoid head bath, drink hot water, avoid curd...

And then comes the fever.  That is when the decision is made - to visit the doctor.   Usually, half the illness goes once the consultation charges are paid and medicines bought. It is like telling your learning is ineffective unless you pay "guru dakshina".

Looking back at my younger days, I think I fall ill about twice a year - mostly fever and cold.   In many ways, illness is good.  So much attention is showered on you - mother is ready with a hot cup of horlicks, kanji for lunch, spicy rasam and so on.  Father touches your forehead once in an hour. 

Usually it used to take some English medicines for the illness to leave.  That was until we discovered a Homeo doctor.   This doctor had a magical touch.  Invariably, the illness would subside within a day of going to her.

Of course, one person who should never be ill in any family is the mother!