Protecting language

According to Bangalore Mirror today, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) had a marathon meeting and decided on a number of steps to "protect the interest of the Kannada film industry... on the verge of collapse and to save it...".  This was apparently triggered by the telecast of a dubbed film in a private Kannada channel.  The film in question?  a 1963 Telugu film "Lava Kusha".
In this connection I cannot help writing about how liberal Kerala is, with respect to other languages, especially, Tamil.  Most Keralites can understand Tamil.  Rajanikanth and other Tamil actors are as popular in Kerala as their Malayalee counterparts. 

More interesting are the TV programs. Most music based  reality shows have "Tamil Song" rounds. Why, some TV channels telecast Tamil movies once a week - without even dubbing them in Malayalam.

One would think that a small State like Kerala, where Malayalam language speakers are limited by the population, would be keen to "protect" and "preserve" their linguistic culture by protectionist measures.  If this is not happening, it is probably the effect of literacy and the liberal thought that one's language does not diminish by being exposed to or usage of other languages.