Upgrading to Fedora 14

Nov 3, 2010:

Fedora 14 released yesterday (2nd Nov) and it was time for another upgrade of my office desktop - from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14.  (I have written about previous upgrades here and here)

From Fedora Core 7 days, I have been using upgrading using yum (perhaps the most adventurous of the upgrade options). 

Following the instructions in the docs, I removed unused/orphaned packages and switched to console mode.

The first instruction - to import the new gpg key failed and for an interesting reason.  The office PC is behind a proxy server and cannot directly get files.  I have configured http_proxy and ftp_proxy variables to the proxy server so that any requests go through the proxy.  What was different here was the request was to an https resource.  One would have thought the proxy variable settings would work for both http and https.  I ended up setting the variable https_proxy to the same proxy server and I could download the gpg keys and import the same.

The next hurdle was the missing livna repository -  Could not retrieve mirror list.  and a 502 Error.
Try as I maybe, I continued to get the error and yum terminated.  I uncommented the "baseurl" as suggested in the forums and could continue (even though livna updates never came).

yum update yum as specified in the doc said got Nothing to update. So it was time to go to the next command.

Dependency resolution seemed to take endless time and seemed to go in some kind of recursive fashion.

10th Nov, 2010

I saw that it seemed to show dependencies on Fedora 12 packages.  I removed them (yum remove), since I didn't see any reason for their presence.

I did this a couple of times (including removing a Fedora 13 package as well), before yum showed me that it was ready to download all the dependencies - about 2 GB worth!

I thought let me upgrade yum first and then upgrade the rest.  yum had dependencies worth 500MB to be downloaded.

The office network bandwidth was pretty slow and it took a while before yum update completed.  I then initiated an update of all the remaining packages and left office (on Diwali vacation).

Monday morning found the linux box waiting for me to say "Yes", to install the new keys for Fedora 14.  Once the go ahead was given, it updated the OS to Fedora 14.  I restarted and got the Fedora 14 login screen.  But wait, where was the user list?  I could not find the user list at all, so that I could choose a user to login.

I googled for the problem and could not find a satisfactory explanation.  I thought let me switch from Gnome to KDE to see if that helped.  Interestingly, I could ssh to the system and do this.  I could also login through the console mode (Ctrl-Alt-F2).  How do I restart the window manager after switching from Gnome to KDE?  I saw that one way was to switch to runlevel 3 (telinit 3) and then back to runlevel 5 (telinit 5).

I did this and lo and behold, I could see the user list with a choice of Window manager - KDE or gnome.

The upgrade was successful.


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