Masterchef JQuery

4out of 5
I was given an advance copy of this video as part of OReilly Blogger review program.
Cooking with jQuery is a three hour video presentation made by Mike Hostetler (President, appentTo) and Jonathan Sharp (CEO, appendto) on 20th July 2010, in O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention) in Portland, Oregon. Mike and Jonathan are both members of the jQuery team and have been involved with jQuery for a long time.

The presentations starts with a quick overview of the jQuery syntax, illustrating the shortcut notation of "$", as well as the best practice of declaring the scripts at the bottom of the page. It then moves on to the jQuery selectors. Once you select, then the next thing would be do some operations on the selected elements. The presentations walks through many of the jQuery operations available. The chaining feature - a speciality of jQuery is explained, as is the distinction between find() and filter().

Some of the new jQuery features (available in 1.4) like the object literal notation and elegate() are also covered as are the different methods available to insert and remove elements from DOM (Document Object Model).

Then the presenters move on to live demo by showing some example snippets, with increasing complexity, including an php-based ajax demo. There is also reference to mockJax, a library to mock ajax calls, as well as a quick demo of how to use qunit to unit test jquery code.

The presenters are knowledgeable in their topic. The style of presentation is good, with lots of examples and interaction. The demo is particularly appealing.

There were many instances when the presenters were making code changes, but the camera was focused on them, instead of the code. Many of the audience questions were also not audible and not repeated for the benefit of the viewers.

Barring these, this video is a useful introduction to the power of jQuery and can serve as a handy reference for tips, tricks and best practices.