What Innovation is Not

The Myths of Innovation (Scott Berkum, Oreilly, ISBN: 978-1-449-38962-8, 228 pages) is an expanded and paper back edition of the hard back book by the same name by the same author.

I got an early copy of the eBook as part of O'Reilly Blogger Review program.

Unlike conventional books on Innovation, in this book, the author tries to expose some of the popular innovation myths.  This, he does by giving a number of examples, incidents and anecdotes.  The point he tries to prove is that there is no substitute for hard work and grind, that innovations don't happen by accident, that anyone can innovate - not just the Newtons and Einsteins of the world.

After he exposes the myths, the author proceeds to give some practical tips on how to innovate.  He says, do not use the term "innovate" - instead solve problems, implement ideas, cure an illness, and so on.  As the Nike slogan, he says Just Do It.

The book is an easy read.  The author has a comfortable style of writing, perhaps, coming out of his innumerable essays and seminars/discussions.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has been told to innovate or claims to be working in an organization that innovates.

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