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Migrating to Spring Security 3.1

With Spring Security3.1.0.M2 having released, I thought let me give a shot upgrading to it.

For the purpose of the exercise, I have a maven web project which uses spring-security 3.0.5.

The first change to be made is in pom.xml - changing the version of dependency from 3.0.5.RELEASE to 3.1.0.M2.

This change itself will not make available the updated spring-security jars since the milestone releases are not available in maven central.

I had a tough time figuring out which repository to point to. When none worked, I downloaded the release and manually installed the required jars into my local maven repository.

Once this was done, I notice Eclipse giving an error for invalid spring-security xsd.

This was the second change to be made.
Once this was done, the xml file began to show validation errors.

My context file had the following: