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On watching cricket match at work

Imagine sitting before your computer in your air-conditioned office with a 40 inch HD LCD TV next to you, beaming ad-free HD telecast of CWC World Cup semi-finals between India and Pakistan.  Imagine turning your swivel chair only for your eyes to encounter similar televisions all around you.

Imagine walking to the rest room or pantry and encountering a series of televisions with the match on - so that you do not miss a second during the walk.

Imagine that in the instance you were in the restroom a wicket fell. You come back, pause the telecast, rewind a bit and see what happened.

I know it is hard to imagine, but this is not a dream, but exactly what happened yesterday at work.  I currently work for an organization which is into products and services for digital television.

One might argue that nothing beats watching a match live. But watching a match on multiple televisions with colleagues is just as good when it is part of work!  You get to test features of the product you build on…

The Mobile Number Potability Fiasco

In keeping with the liberalization in the Indian telecom sector, we use three telecom providers - BSNL landline-cum-broadband, a Vodafone connection (from Hutch days) and an Airtel GSM connection.

Of the three, we have reconciled to occasional problems with our landline and broadband, considering that we have alternate means of communication.  Using Airtel from our home has been a challenge, with poor signals inside our apartment.  More often than not, we provide fodder to the mosquitoes as we stand in our balcony trying to make conversation.  The recent Saif Ali Khan Airtel ad is arguably the exact experience that we have.

We had desisted from changing providers since this would involve informing and updating contact details in several places - personal, professional and legal.

But then Mobile Number Portability became a reality. We were no longer bonded to a whims and fancies of the provider. 

We also realized that for the kind of usage that we had, Airtel's plans were costlie…

Hope Springs

While channel surfing at 9 PM yesterday (looking for possible movies to watch), found one named Hope Springs starting.  What interested me about the movie was the lead actor, Colin Firth - the 2011 Academy Award winner for Best Actor (in the movie The King's Speech).  I decided to take a chance and watch the movie. It also stars Heather Graham and Minnie Driver.

The movie starts with the Englishman Colin landing in an American town named Hope Springs, apparently after a broken engagement.  Here he meets Heather Graham and the two hit off.  Colin is an artiste and goes around painting the various people in the town, while Heather works in an old age home.  But the romance does not last long, since his (ex-?) fiancee soon follows him. What happens thereafter forms the rest of the movie.

Perhaps my expectation was high, but I thought Colin Firth appeared bored and glum throughout the movie.  The story is nothing to talk about as well.  It is probably Minnie Driver who brings some rel…