Hope Springs

While channel surfing at 9 PM yesterday (looking for possible movies to watch), found one named Hope Springs starting.  What interested me about the movie was the lead actor, Colin Firth - the 2011 Academy Award winner for Best Actor (in the movie The King's Speech).  I decided to take a chance and watch the movie. It also stars Heather Graham and Minnie Driver.

The movie starts with the Englishman Colin landing in an American town named Hope Springs, apparently after a broken engagement.  Here he meets Heather Graham and the two hit off.  Colin is an artiste and goes around painting the various people in the town, while Heather works in an old age home.  But the romance does not last long, since his (ex-?) fiancee soon follows him. What happens thereafter forms the rest of the movie.

Perhaps my expectation was high, but I thought Colin Firth appeared bored and glum throughout the movie.  The story is nothing to talk about as well.  It is probably Minnie Driver who brings some relief into the proceedings, besides some of the supporting cast.

Checking imdb this morning, I realize this is a general consensus.  This movie is worth giving a skip!