On watching cricket match at work

Imagine sitting before your computer in your air-conditioned office with a 40 inch HD LCD TV next to you, beaming ad-free HD telecast of CWC World Cup semi-finals between India and Pakistan.  Imagine turning your swivel chair only for your eyes to encounter similar televisions all around you.

Imagine walking to the rest room or pantry and encountering a series of televisions with the match on - so that you do not miss a second during the walk.

Imagine that in the instance you were in the restroom a wicket fell. You come back, pause the telecast, rewind a bit and see what happened.

I know it is hard to imagine, but this is not a dream, but exactly what happened yesterday at work.  I currently work for an organization which is into products and services for digital television.

One might argue that nothing beats watching a match live. But watching a match on multiple televisions with colleagues is just as good when it is part of work!  You get to test features of the product you build on the live feeds!

We got live feeds from two competitor broadcasters and interestingly one of them was two seconds behind the other.  This meant, people watching the feed of the earlier one got to celebrate the boundary or the wicket two seconds before the other group.  Naturally the other group was aggrieved.

While we are on the topic of cricket, it was amusing to read this news story :  

30 people injured in Pakistan due to stray gun shots
People resorted to aerial firing to celebrate an Indian wicket or to cheer a boundary in the Pakistan innings but stray bullets hit people around them including children who were taken to hospitals for treatment
Is this a case of adding injury to insult?


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