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Of e-books and epub

Recently, I had opted to review a book.  These days the books are made available (especially for review) in electronic format rather than paper copy.  The format used to be invariable pdf, which opened in Adobe Acrobat.

But this last one was available in epub, mobi (and another format I fail to recall), but not pdf.  It appeared that each was popular for specific e-book readers (read tablets like iPad).  Now I am still a desktop/laptop guy.  So the question was, which format of the book do I download and more importantly, what software do I use to open the book.

As usual, Google comes to rescue.  I searched for epub reader.  What do you know - the first and the best match was EPubReader - a free Firefox Add-in.  This allowed opening of epub files without any additional software!  What more can one ask for.

What I liked about epub was the concept of reflowable document.  What this means is, depending on the font that you specify the contents automagically adjust to the screen width.  N…

Nick of Time

Nick of Time [Publisher: Thomas Neilson, Inc., Pages: 336, ISBN: 1595543104]  is a Bug Man novel and a sequel to Ends of the Earth as per the author.  The protagonist of the book is a forensic entomologist, Dr. Nick Polchak. 

Nick is engaged to be married.  A few days before the wedding, he is invited by his close friend to attend a meeting to help solve an old case.  He discovers his friend missing and the trail takes him to the old case.  As he tries to uncovers the case, he also has a few brush-ins with the local cops, one of which is a retired FBI agent.

His fiancee goes in search of him with her dogs. She has her own adventures even as she learns how to use her new iPhone.

The rest of the story is about not just the solving of the old case but the revelation of other things as well.

This is the first book by Tim Downs that I have read.  He has an easy style of writing, which makes for fast reading.  The book also introduced to me the science of forensic entomology, is the applic…