VIP nuisance

I was early to work this morning, for a change.  I had just entered the Airport Road-100 Ft Road Flyover when I saw a couple of cops stopping the traffic on the road.  I was one of the last vehicle to go over the flyover.  Moving ahead on to the Inner Ring Road connecting Indira Nagar to Koramangala, I saw cops lined up on the side of the road.   Vehicles were moving towards Koramangala, but they were few in number.  I suspect vehicles had been stopped on Airport Road as well.

The road was practically empty by the time I reached Ejipura signal, the start of Koramangala.   I saw that the opposite as well as the perpendicular roads in the junction had vehicles piled up.

At the signal, a cop indicated me to pull over and I did.  As if this was not enough, another cop (possibly a senior one) took the keys out of my vehicle and put it in his pocket. 

The VIP convey passed in a few seconds.  I did some googling but could not figure out who it was.

After a minute the flow of traffic resumed.  The cop who had taken my key was busy directing the traffic and oblivious to the fact that my key was in his pocket.  With great effort, risking my life and limb amidst speeding vehicles, I reached him and asked for the key, which he gave in a jiffy.

I know not what his objective was for taking the key and was that achieved.  Suffice to say, it was a needless harassment for me and created a dent in the impression I held about Bangalore cops.