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Ramblings from Chennai trip

Our trip got off to a bad start.  Amidst the confusion on - to lock our shoe box (placed outside our door) or not to lock - we forgot to take our backpack, which housed the not-so-essential items for the trip.  This, we realised when we unloaded the luggage from Easycabs, which we had booked that morning.  (Meru declined our booking saying we are full, please try for some other time.  As if we could change our trip based on their cab availability!).

The cab meter showed Rs.245/- and the driver asked for Rs.330/-
"Why?" asked I
"The meter is faulty", says he.

Ha, so why doesn't he tell this when we started?  He wouldn't, would he?  We would have called up his office and checked.  He knew once we reached the Station, we would have no time for such frivolous things as fight over the rates.  That too - when we realized one of our luggage had not made it past the door. (Or was it placed outside the door and forgotten)?

Rs.330/- changed hands and I felt cheated.