Firefox 6 and Search the web

I thought I must have made a mistake when I got results from Bing after a typed some items in the Firefox search bar.  On closer look I saw that there is a new Search the web search engine (in addition to Google, Bing and others).  Looks like this has come in the latest Firefox upgrade.

As this post indicates, it looks like each time the browser is restarted, it defaults to "Search the web" despite Google being the default search engine.

Interestingly, haven't found any documentation on this new feature.  The Search bar page does not list this new search engine at the time of writing this.

Edit:  There is a workaround/solution for this, available from the post I had referred above.

Quoting from it: Go into your Add-ons Manager and disable the Test Pilot extensions. 


  1. I can look past the quick version updates, breaking my add-ons, but this... this is like spyware. Makes me sad.


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