How are you feeling today?

We have a new item in our office intranet home page - How are you feeling today? There are 5 options - Delighted, Happy, Confused, Sad, Stressed.  We can click on it and we get a confirmation message "Your data is submitted". 
Imagine if the reporting manager get periodic updates on the feeling of their team members
"Ah, 3 of my team members are sad today."
"Oh, this guy has been stressed for 3 consecutive days - time to give him a break."
"Hey, why is this person Delighted? - has he got a new job offer?"
There could be charts and trends on the data - weekly, monthly, etc. which could help assess team feelings and so on.
The next would be for reportees to see their Manager's feeling.
"Hey, my Manager is Happy today - time to ask him for leave."
"Oh, my Manager is Sad - better fix some bugs and make him happy."
This could be extended as follows. People could pick a coloured wrist band when entering, indicating their feeling for the day - green for Delighted, yellow for Sad and so on. Or it could be a badge, they could pin to their dress or maybe put in their cubicle (depending on who needs to notice it). Team members could come with specific coloured wrist bands in meeting - indicating their feelings. Why, we see sportsmen doing something similar - to mourn an accident or to convey a message.
Thus went an interesting tea-time discussion with friends (some of whom are my reportees as well).