irctc and printing e-ticket

Three months back, to be precise, exactly 90 days from today, I had booked a train ticket through IRCTC

Two days back, I realized I had not printed the e-ticket yet.  I logged in, well, attempted to login around 10 AM. The browser tried in vain to bring up the page.  I tried multiple times, on different browsers.  Sometimes, I could log in, but could do nothing further.  At other times, I got Service Unavailable.  In short, the website was practically inaccessible.  I tried it later during the day, with the same result.

Ultimately, it was late in the evening (around 10 PM) that I could access it and print the e-ticket.

IRCTC is arguably an extremely busy site and thus will have access issues.  But why should this affect printing a booked ticket?  Shouldn't the later be a breeze since all I want is to print something?

It looks like no usability analysis, whatsoever, has been done around this.  To me, it seems to be a simple matter of providing a separate link, where you specify your PNR number and can print the ticket.  It should really not need a login, since the ticket is unusable by anyone but the person whose name figures in it.

I remembered that Indian Ralways were planning to introduce an online reservation system of their own.  On impulse I decided to check how good the access to this site was. 

It looks like travel portals like yatra and makemytrip will soon become preferred booking option for train tickets, if this trend persists.


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