Source code - core dump

Weekend evening rains is as good a reason as any to catch up on movies.   It was the turn of The Source Code this weekend.

If I thought the movie was about the source code in computer programming involving java and C# with some obfuscating coding contest to boot, the reality was far from it.  

The movie starts by presenting a US Army helicopter pilot in the body of a stranger, in a speeding train.  In a few minutes, a bomb blast destroys the train.  The hero then wakes up in a pod and we understand that he had been transported by means of the technology called The Source Code to the train.  He now needs to prevent an even more deadly strike on Chicago by finding the bomber.

The movie moves in break-neck speed as the initial attempts by the hero to trace the bomber falls in vain and the train gets blasted and he returns to the pod.  But then he is the hero after all, and there is a girl who he needs to save as well.  So all is well that ends well, though the viewer is left quite puzzled in the end.

Apparently there are similarities to Inception (which I am yet to see).

Incidently, I enjoyed the imdb discussions as much as the movie, if not more.