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Rappelling in Ramnagar

It was time for our bi-annual team outing.  The last time we had gone to Club Cabana.  We wanted it to be different this time - a little more adventurous.  We enquired at a few places and finally decided on a trek in Ramnagar along with rappelling.  An organization called Thrillophilia took care of organizing the trip  - they arranged the transport, booked the resort and had their Tour Manager accompany us from office, as well as had their staff take care of the trekking and rappelling.

We started from office at 7.45 AM on Fri, 14th Oct, 45 minutes later than planned.  This meant, we hit peak hour traffic en route our destination.  To compound it, we decided to go through the city (BTM, Banashankari) rather than take the Hosur Road/Nice Road. This was to allow us to pick up our colleagues.  It was close to 10 when we reached Club Magnolia, Bidadi.  We had breakfast and then proceeded to Ramnagar, 25km and 25 minutes away. 

Our bus stopped near a cluster of rocky hills. We armed ours…

Upgrading to Oneiric Ocelot

It was the morning of Sunday, 16th October.  I had switched on my desktop to do some torrent downloads.  I use Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty Nawhal - on my desktop and Transmission Torrent client.

The Update Manager popped up.  This is akin to Windows Update and keeps the system updated with the latest software releases.  But this time there was something different.  "There is an upgrade to your Operating System", said the message with an "Upgrade" button next to it.  Ubuntu 11.10 - Oneiric Oncelot - was here! 

It was the first time, I was going to do an upgrade of Ubuntu - that too online and I was a bit skeptical after my Android escapades.  But the urge was too much to ignore and I clicked "Upgrade".

I got a warning message that my hardware was a little too old for the new version of the OS and I may face issues.  I decided to ignore it, since with 11.04, I ended up getting Gnome Desktop in place of Unity.  I felt, it would just continue the same way.

The upg…

BSNL woes - yet again

Not again!  Yeah, time I created a separate tag for BSNL, considering the number of times [123] I end up writing about them.

It was Saturday (8 Oct).  BSNL broadband had stopped working.   The landline was working though.  A couple of restarts of the modem did not help.  Time to dial 1504.  Surprise of surprise - I did not hear any music and advertisements and got connected to a customer support personnel immediately.

He asked the usual questions - my phone number (as if he did not have it - after all, this is a toll-free number which can only be dialed from your BSNL fixed line), modem model, operating system that I use (how does that matter) and my cell number.

Here we go, I thought - now I will be asked go through each screen of the model web interface, re-enter information, reboot modem...  But that was not to be.

"Our support engineer will call you in your cell number after some time".

This was on Saturday evening and I am yet to hear from any one.

The weekend passed …

How to train your dragon

I happened to get the Blueray print of the movie, How to train your dragon from a relatives place the other day.  I had heard of the movie, but had not got a chance to see it.

Courtesy, my WD TV Live Plus, I could play the movie from the hard disk to TV. 

It is an animation movie - released as 3D in theatres.  Of course, what I saw was the 2D print.

It is the story of a young Viking, in whose village, killing dragons is a national pastime (and possibly a necessity).  He is part of a young group, getting trained on how to handle various types of dragons.   His father, the village chieftain is disappointed that his son is not showing the flair that he should. 

Hiccup, as our hero is interestingly called fortuitously captures the dreaded Night Fury dragon, but does not have the heart to kill it.  He sets in free.  He names it Toothless since the first time the dragon opens its mouth, he does not see any tooth.  He learns dragon behavior from Toothless and applies it in his training. 

Rangla Punjab Koramangala - avoid

It was time for yet another lunch out.  This has become a regular feature with our office caterer dishing out fares of deteriorating quality.

The plan was to go to Mast Kalandar so that we could have a good and quick lunch and be back for our meetings.  On the way, we saw Rangla Punjab.   "Let us check this out.  We go to Mast Kalandar always", said a friend.

We saw a flight of stairs leading upto First Floor.  The place was quiet.  Should we go up further?  We saw a waiter.  "Please come in, sir."  He lead us to the restaurant.  We were the only people there.  We stood hesitating,  wondering if we should ditch the place and go to our usual. 

"Oh, what the hell. Let us eat here".

The waiter came over. 
"How long will you take?"
"15-20 minutes"

We gave some orders - both starters and main courses included.  And waited. And waited.  It took about 20 minutes for the starters to arrive.  That was after the waiter came and said one of our …

Gingerbread on Galaxy Ace

Ever since I bought Galaxy Ace, I always had the nagging feeling that I was not on Gingerbread, the newer Android version for cell phones.  Ace came with Froyo.  I had seen links stating Ace could be upgraded to Gingerbread - most of them unofficially.

Then came the firmware upgrade in Kies, the official Samsung Windows application to talk to Ace (and other phones).  I had installed Kies on my laptop as soon as I got the cell phone.  That was Kies 2.0.2.  Recently, there was the Kies 2.0.3 release.  I updated Kies to it, but did not see any firmware upgrade coming in.

I installed the same on my desktop and lo, there it was - a firmware upgrade for Ace.  Gingerbread was here. 

The very fact that the firmware upgrade was detected in one installation and not another must have alerted me that something was wrong. I found a bunch of links [1 | 2 | 3 ] describing how people had used Kies to upgrade their Ace to Gingerbread.  Each blog had a bunch of comments at the end - most of them about …