BSNL woes - yet again

Not again!  Yeah, time I created a separate tag for BSNL, considering the number of times [1 2 3] I end up writing about them.

It was Saturday (8 Oct).  BSNL broadband had stopped working.   The landline was working though.  A couple of restarts of the modem did not help.  Time to dial 1504.  Surprise of surprise - I did not hear any music and advertisements and got connected to a customer support personnel immediately.

He asked the usual questions - my phone number (as if he did not have it - after all, this is a toll-free number which can only be dialed from your BSNL fixed line), modem model, operating system that I use (how does that matter) and my cell number.

Here we go, I thought - now I will be asked go through each screen of the model web interface, re-enter information, reboot modem...  But that was not to be.

"Our support engineer will call you in your cell number after some time".

This was on Saturday evening and I am yet to hear from any one.

The weekend passed with no internet access (yeah, high time I enabled 3G or got a USB modem). 

I came into work on Monday and wanted to log an online complaint.  I have done this previously to good effect.  I navigated to Bangalore Telecom website and then clicked on Bfone complaints link in the main page.   After a good 5 minutes wait, I got a Connection error.    Yet another door closed!

I actually wanted to change my limited broadband plan to unlimited, but after this experience all I can expect is unlimited woes.  I guess a better strategy is to not put all my eggs in one basket - instead go for a USB modem with another provider!

As it turned out, broadband services resumed Monday on its own - evidently BSNL fixed some problem at their end.