How to train your dragon

I happened to get the Blueray print of the movie, How to train your dragon from a relatives place the other day.  I had heard of the movie, but had not got a chance to see it.

Courtesy, my WD TV Live Plus, I could play the movie from the hard disk to TV. 

It is an animation movie - released as 3D in theatres.  Of course, what I saw was the 2D print.

It is the story of a young Viking, in whose village, killing dragons is a national pastime (and possibly a necessity).  He is part of a young group, getting trained on how to handle various types of dragons.   His father, the village chieftain is disappointed that his son is not showing the flair that he should. 

Hiccup, as our hero is interestingly called fortuitously captures the dreaded Night Fury dragon, but does not have the heart to kill it.  He sets in free.  He names it Toothless since the first time the dragon opens its mouth, he does not see any tooth.  He learns dragon behavior from Toothless and applies it in his training. 

The rest of the story is about unearthing the dragon nest and saving the village.

The movie is based on a book of the same name, but deviates from it (as per wikipedia).  The picturization is amazing and leaves you spellbound.  Toothless as the dreaded dragon is very endearing and it is amusing to watch its interaction with Hiccup.

An excellent children's movie, which adults can enjoy as well.  It must have been even better in 3D.