Rangla Punjab Koramangala - avoid

It was time for yet another lunch out.  This has become a regular feature with our office caterer dishing out fares of deteriorating quality.

The plan was to go to Mast Kalandar so that we could have a good and quick lunch and be back for our meetings.  On the way, we saw Rangla Punjab.   "Let us check this out.  We go to Mast Kalandar always", said a friend.

We saw a flight of stairs leading upto First Floor.  The place was quiet.  Should we go up further?  We saw a waiter.  "Please come in, sir."  He lead us to the restaurant.  We were the only people there.  We stood hesitating,  wondering if we should ditch the place and go to our usual. 

"Oh, what the hell. Let us eat here".

The waiter came over. 
"How long will you take?"
"15-20 minutes"

We gave some orders - both starters and main courses included.  And waited. And waited.  It took about 20 minutes for the starters to arrive.  That was after the waiter came and said one of our orders was not available.

And then even longer for the main course.  We were both hungry and frustrated by this time.  One other group came in for lunch, but otherwise the place was empty.

We joked that the same guy doubled up as waiter and cook - and changed his dress each time he came over.  This was possibly taking time!

I had to leave since I was late for my meeting.  I later learnt that the bill was written by hand on a piece of paper.  The restaurant did not accept cash either.  They were not cheap either.

A place to avoid, based on our experience.