Rappelling in Ramnagar

It was time for our bi-annual team outing.  The last time we had gone to Club Cabana.  We wanted it to be different this time - a little more adventurous.  We enquired at a few places and finally decided on a trek in Ramnagar along with rappelling.  An organization called Thrillophilia took care of organizing the trip  - they arranged the transport, booked the resort and had their Tour Manager accompany us from office, as well as had their staff take care of the trekking and rappelling.

We started from office at 7.45 AM on Fri, 14th Oct, 45 minutes later than planned.  This meant, we hit peak hour traffic en route our destination.  To compound it, we decided to go through the city (BTM, Banashankari) rather than take the Hosur Road/Nice Road. This was to allow us to pick up our colleagues.  It was close to 10 when we reached Club Magnolia, Bidadi.  We had breakfast and then proceeded to Ramnagar, 25km and 25 minutes away. 

Our bus stopped near a cluster of rocky hills. We armed ourselves with a bottle of water each.  It was 11 AM and the sun was beating down hard on us.  We had to trek about 30 minutes to reach the top of one of the hills.  The trekking route was scenic and dotted with trees, shrubs and occasional thorny bushes.  It was a narrow path and in places, we had to pull ourselves up on all fours. 

We were panting when we reached the top of a hill, from which we had a scenic view of the surroundings.  A large rocky cliff faced us and this where we were to do the rappelling. The organizers set up the ropes and other equipments for this.  Once it was ready, each of us were strapped to a safety harness, a helmet clamped on our heads and we were sent off down, foot by foot, holding the ropes at all times.  An exciting experience, though a little forbidding at the start. 

Most of our gang was adventurous and it took us about two and a half hours before all of us completed.   It was 3 PM, when we returned to the resort for a very late lunch.

The rest of the evening with many of us playing cricket and a few, managing to wrangle out a free game of billiards.  A few took to the pool before we decided to call it a day around 6.30 PM.

We retraced our path back amidst heavy traffic and it was 9 PM when we reached office - exhausted, but none the worse for our adventures.

A few lessons learnt were
  • Leave early - five hours in the bus is not an ideal way to do an outing, even if we did Dumb Charades and Anthakshari
  • Take the fastest route - preferably tolled roads - pick-ups are good, but it is just one day - people will not mind some hardship, if better time is spent at the outing
  • Rappelling takes time - it was roughly 5 minutes per person, which meant about 2 and a half hours for all of us!   When one person rappells, the rest of the people do not have much to do!  
  • Utilize the resort better.  We used it just for the food - we could have played cricket anywhere!