Upgrading to Oneiric Ocelot

It was the morning of Sunday, 16th October.  I had switched on my desktop to do some torrent downloads.  I use Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty Nawhal - on my desktop and Transmission Torrent client.

The Update Manager popped up.  This is akin to Windows Update and keeps the system updated with the latest software releases.  But this time there was something different.  "There is an upgrade to your Operating System", said the message with an "Upgrade" button next to it.  Ubuntu 11.10 - Oneiric Oncelot - was here! 

It was the first time, I was going to do an upgrade of Ubuntu - that too online and I was a bit skeptical after my Android escapades.  But the urge was too much to ignore and I clicked "Upgrade".

I got a warning message that my hardware was a little too old for the new version of the OS and I may face issues.  I decided to ignore it, since with 11.04, I ended up getting Gnome Desktop in place of Unity.  I felt, it would just continue the same way.

The upgrade involves the download of bootstrap files, followed by the download of a bunch of packages, followed by installation, cleanup and then a reboot.  The download was fairly quick (about 600 MB) - an hour with in my "upto 2Mbps" connection.  The installation took around 40 minutes and when the system rebooted, I waited with bated breadth.

The login screen was totally different from the earlier one.  I logged in and was presented with a desktop, which looked totally different from my earlier one.  I guess I was on Unity desktop and that too, a revamped one.  Words cannot describe the desktop, but you can take a tour on the Ubuntu site.

The upgrade was a seamless one and a wonderful experience.  The new desktop UI is awesome.  Way to go Ubuntu.