Amma is amma

Sounds confusing?   Looks crazy?  Not if you are like me, taking the Old Airport Road and Inner Ring Road.   Large posters of a smiling caped Amma adorn both sides of the Roads tied to lamp posts and other available structures.  The words Amma is Amma run top to bottom.  You and I know amma cannot be anyone else - but then perhaps certain sections of the population need this emphasised.

Reminds me of the lyrics of a hit Tamil song Ajakku nna Ajakkuthan Kumukkunna kumukkutha. [See more here]   Ajakku cannot be anything else but ajakku; similarly amma.

Anyway, on one hand we have an accused coming to Bangalore to go to a court to be questioned and we have sycophant supporters wasting money on her cut-outs.   And here I am trying not to take a printout of an e-ticket thereby saving a small branch of a tree from being cut.