Braving Bangalore traffic

f you are like me and commute during peak traffic hours in a two wheeler through the busiest roads of Bangalore to reach your office, then you may want to make it a wee bit pleasurable by listening to Radio One

I am usually in the road for 30-40 minutes between 8.15 to 9.30 AM. It is MJ Prithvi, who anchors the program during this time.   He usually gives a word for people to form sentences and picks a winner from amongs the most whacky ones.  The most hilarious ones in recent times has been the one using the word "baby" (coinciding with the birth of Aishwarya's baby).  The winning line was "What you call an instant baby?  Abhi baby".

This is followed by a segment "Prithvi ko hindi kyon nahi athi" (Why does Prithvi not know Hindi).  Here listeners can send in Hindi words with their meanings and Prithvi forms sentences using the words - usually hilarious ones.

Once this is through, there is also a Birthday Bakra (Goat), where Prithvi calls an unsuspecting person (whose birthday it is) and converses with the person on a topic relevant to the person.  Listeners can call in with the person who need to be called with information which allows Prithvi to do this call.  Each call also contains a small song composed and sung relevant to the call.

There are also two other small items, which get repeated - one being Shastriji and the other about a Professor Ulfat Sultan - both again humorous.

Perhaps I have become too regular, but I felt the songs keep getting repeated - time for them to renew their playlists!

Otherwise, this keeps you engaged and in good-humour, during the horrendous traffic jams on Airport Road. 

Radio One is having Play your music day tomorrow (30th Nov), where they have invited celebrities and singers like Lucky Ali, Diya Mirza.

Did someone say that driving when listening to music is dangerous?  I say that it deafens your ears from the incessant honking on the roads.  As to why there is so much honking, much has been written about it - may be I will write on it as well - another day.

Note: I have no affiliation with Radio One and get nothing for writing the above.


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  2. Just read this today...Raghuram...Thank u for the nice words...


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