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Kolaveri and nonsensical lyrics

Javed Akhtar tweeted that Kolaveri Di is an insult to sensibility.  But then the other day, I was listening to the greatest hits of Kishore Kumar.  The lyrics of one of the song goes - C A T Cat - cat mane billi.  This is from the 1958 movie Dilli ka Thug.  There are three lyricists for the movie, including Majrooh Sultan Puri - not sure which one penned this lyric.  How would Mr.Akhtar classify this song?

I wrote about reusable lyrics that we see in today's movies and referred to nonsensical lyrics in Amma is amma.  

Nonsensical lyrics are here to stay and there are complete songs made out of a collection of nonsensical ones.  Read the lyrics of O Maha Ziya from Thamizh Padam.

Live pause and watching ads free tv programs

"Oh oh, the baby is crying"

"Just pause the program.  I will watch once I attend to him".

"What!  pausing a tv program!  What are you talking about?  It is not a DVD."

"No, it is better than DVD."

"Perhaps you should explain."

These days, many of us use a Set Top Box (STB) to view TV programs.   There are two (popular) types of STBs - cable and satellite.  In satellite STBs (which is also called DTH broadcast), we have a small dish which receives signals, which then passes through the STB and gets into the TV.  In cable STBs, the signals come via cable.

In the good old days of Doordarshan, we needed to have an antenna to watch TV programs.  This was because the broadcast was terrestrial and the signals came to the TV by means of this antenna.  Then came the era of cable TV, where cable operators downloaded contents via large dishes and sent by means of cables.

The older TVs restricted the number of channels that you could watch.  Also…

Me first me first

Yesterday we had gone to a friend's kids' birthday party in our apartment party hall.  It was 7.30 PM.  The party was on in full swing - there were people of all ages.  There was someone with a mike running some contests.  Children were running around.  There were many carrying their younger ones on their shoulder.

There was a food counter along one side in the small open area outside the hall.  We were late and there were people who had already had or were having food.  There was small queue before the food counter and I appended myself to the end.  As I stood for the queue to move, a lady came forward before me and picked up about three plates.  The polite guy that I am, I did not mind it. 

I picked up some food and moved on to an adjacent area, where dosas were getting freshly made.  A couple of people were waiting.  As the dosas got ready, from out of nowhere a few people moved to the front and managed to get the dosas onto their plates.  The lady I referred to, got a dosa…

Sonar and jacoco

I am a fan (and regular user) of Sonar, a platform to manage code quality.  The 2.12 release of Sonar, which happened yesterday, introduced a bunch of new features including Java 7 support and the availability of Jacoco into Sonar core. 

Though I had come across Jacoco earlier, I had ignored it.  I decided to look at what is Jacoco and why do we need yet another code coverage tool.  Their Mission page details the origin of the tool and the people behind it. 

I have been a regular user of Cobertura for command-line/maven based code coverage, and Eclemma for IDE-based.  I was curious to know if there was a jacoco maven plugin and to my delight, there indeed was one.

The usage instructions could have been better for I struggled to figure out the command to run to do the coverage analysis.  There are two goals, which are relevant jacoco:prepare-agent and jacoco:report

Merely including the plugin definition in the pom and running mvn jacoco:report gives an error.
[ERROR] Unable to re…