Kolaveri and nonsensical lyrics

Javed Akhtar tweeted that Kolaveri Di is an insult to sensibility.  But then the other day, I was listening to the greatest hits of Kishore Kumar.  The lyrics of one of the song goes - C A T Cat - cat mane billi.  This is from the 1958 movie Dilli ka Thug.  There are three lyricists for the movie, including Majrooh Sultan Puri - not sure which one penned this lyric.  How would Mr.Akhtar classify this song?

I wrote about reusable lyrics that we see in today's movies and referred to nonsensical lyrics in Amma is amma.  

Nonsensical lyrics are here to stay and there are complete songs made out of a collection of nonsensical ones.  Read the lyrics of O Maha Ziya from Thamizh Padam.


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