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Making effective use of test match time

I write this 10 minutes after India lost its 3rd test match against Australia in less than half the duration of the test match - 2.5 days.

There are bigger losers besides the Indian cricket team
The Stadium collection, which will he half for no fault of the organizersThe television broadcaster, who will now need to figure out what to show, since he has blocked his time for this matchThe advertisers who had advertised, especially for the 4th and 5th day, expecting higher viewershipThe people, who may have set their time to view the match and are now clueless on what to do.The logo and other merchandise providers, who would be denied the full-time to display their wares I may have missed out more things...

I have a simple proposal to address this problem.

Based on the remaining time in the test match, have one or more one day or T20 matches. 
If the remaining time is less than the time required for a T20 match (say 4 hours), then no additional match would be played.If the remaining time is…

A Night Show in Brookefields

Nah, not Brookefields in Bangalore, but the Mall in Coimbatore. 

It was Christmas and we thought let us go for the new Mission Impossible movie of Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  It was important that we find a theatre running the English version of the movie.  I still remember seeing The Mummy Returns in Tamil when we were in Trichy a few years back.  English movies dubbed in Tamil run to packed houses - especially if they are disaster movies (2012 is a recent example).   Just checkout any Tamil TV channels and you are sure to find a Tamil dubbed English movie, once a week, often in Prime Time.

Anyway, we did find a few theatres having English shows and one was in The Cinema in BrookeFields.  And what do you know - they had online booking as well. The 6.50 PM show had four tickets, but scattered in three different places.  So we opted for the 9.50 pm show.  The movie ticket costs Rs.120/- with a Rs.20/- booking charge - (less than?) half the price of a weekend ti…

Booking tatkal tickets

Notwithstanding claims by Indian Railways and irctc, Tatkal booking is a nighmarish experience.  

Reducing the booking time from 2 days to 1 day prior to travel has made it impossible for people to plan an impromptu weekend trip, since they will still be travelling when booking starts for the return journey!  For instance, a couple of weeks back, I had to travel to Coimbatore on the weekend.  I was in the train on Saturday morning, but had to book Tatkal ticket for my return on Sunday evening.  I had no choice but to get it booked by my relative whom I was visiting. 

Coming to the booking process itself, try logging into IRCTC at 8 AM.  If you get the login page, and are able to enter the username and password, the subsequent page access will time out.  If you do get into the Plan your trip page, then the next one will be inaccessible.  It looks like OnDemand and Cloud computing are only for social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and not for commercial sites!

To add insult…

Renewing my car insurance

My car insurance was expiring on 30th Dec.  It was 26th Dec and time for me to renew it.  I had received an email from Reliance General Insurance a month before the due date. I had also received a letter home with the renewal premium amount and other details.

I logged into the web portal and saw my insurance details were present. I hovered the mouse over the link "Renew Policy" and saw that the link was disabled. Hmm!  Must be a temporary glitch I thought. 

I also saw a separate link to Buy or Renew Car Insurance and tried to pursue that path.  I chose the option to "Renew existing car policy", provided the old policy number and engine number.  The screen showed by existing policy details, but wait... there was a message in Red at the top.

Failed to calculate premium for the below reasons: Renewal notice details are not available from Renewal Notice system

I had 3 more days to do the renewal, but to be on the safe side, I sent an email to the Reliance General Insura…