A Night Show in Brookefields

Nah, not Brookefields in Bangalore, but the Mall in Coimbatore. 

It was Christmas and we thought let us go for the new Mission Impossible movie of Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  It was important that we find a theatre running the English version of the movie.  I still remember seeing The Mummy Returns in Tamil when we were in Trichy a few years back.  English movies dubbed in Tamil run to packed houses - especially if they are disaster movies (2012 is a recent example).   Just checkout any Tamil TV channels and you are sure to find a Tamil dubbed English movie, once a week, often in Prime Time.

Anyway, we did find a few theatres having English shows and one was in The Cinema in BrookeFields.  And what do you know - they had online booking as well. The 6.50 PM show had four tickets, but scattered in three different places.  So we opted for the 9.50 pm show.  The movie ticket costs Rs.120/- with a Rs.20/- booking charge - (less than?) half the price of a weekend ticket in Bangalore! 

It was quite late (9.30 PM) when we reached Brookefields. Hence we could not check out the Mall.  We found the Parking place quite crowded.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a grandmother stepping out of a car - ostensibly to see a movie!

We just needed to show the SMS on the phone to get the tickets.  The theatre had about 260 seats and the screen was pretty big.  The sound system was impressive as well. 

Mission Impossible movies are wholesome entertainment and this one was no different.  Read the plot here. The movie takes us from Budapest to a Russian prison to Kremlin to Burj Khalif in Dubai and to Mumbai.  The movie is fast-paced, the action non-stop.  The Burj Khalif scenes, where Tom Cruise climbs the world's tallest building is awesome. 

It beats me, how Anil Kapoor could play the role that he does in this movie - a lecherous Indian arms dealer.  And to talk about it with pride - that he learnt to speak better English for this movie?  

The movie was a Housefull and paisa wasool.