Renewing my car insurance

My car insurance was expiring on 30th Dec.  It was 26th Dec and time for me to renew it.  I had received an email from Reliance General Insurance a month before the due date. I had also received a letter home with the renewal premium amount and other details.

I logged into the web portal and saw my insurance details were present. I hovered the mouse over the link "Renew Policy" and saw that the link was disabled. Hmm!  Must be a temporary glitch I thought. 

I also saw a separate link to Buy or Renew Car Insurance and tried to pursue that path.  I chose the option to "Renew existing car policy", provided the old policy number and engine number.  The screen showed by existing policy details, but wait... there was a message in Red at the top.

Failed to calculate premium for the below reasons: Renewal notice details are not available from Renewal Notice system

I had 3 more days to do the renewal, but to be on the safe side, I sent an email to the Reliance General Insurance customer support with the details. I got a prompt reply that someone will contact me soon.

I kept checking the portal to see if the problem was rectified, but in vain.  I got no calls or further response from Reliance General Insurance either. Finally on 28th Dec, I decided to renew my insurance with an alternate provider. I chose Bajaj Allianz for two reasons - a) my two wheeler was insured with them and b) I had successfuly renewed my policies online the last two-three years.

I had to enter some personal information and vehicle details, before I got the insurance quote.  Within half an hour, I got call from the Pune office of Bajaj Allianz.  "Sir, you are looking to renew your car insurance.  How can we help you?"  Talk about customer service.

They called me multiple times, helped me specify the details, which helped in computing an optimum premium and on top of that had me do the renewal through IVRS, saying that it would make me eligible for a free tow service.  They gave me the same No Claim Bonus (NCB) as Reliance would have.  By evening, I had the soft copy of the policy.

A lady from Reliance General called on 29th, saying that they were not in a position to help me renew the policy online, but would put me in touch with their Bangalore office, who would, in turn, do the needful. When I told that I did get the premium amount in their letter, she had no response. 

Based on personal experience, thumbs up to Bajaj Allianz for their customer support. As for Reliance General, they suck big time.