Registering credit card for online banking

I recently received a Credit Card from a reputed Bank, having succumbed to their sales pitch of 5% cashback, buy 1 get 1 movie ticket free and such offers.

I went to their website to register my card, so that I can check my transactions online.  I was impressed to see that I could register online by having my Card information handy - namely card number, expiry date and my date of birth.  I went into the registration screen and started entering the required information.   I filled the card number and moved on to the expiry date.  The expiry month and year and drop down boxes, where you chose a value.  The month was easy, but then I came to the year.  I had a choice from 2010 to 2016.  So what is the problem you will ask.  The problem was, my card expired in 2017!  How do I chose the correct year now?

I was stuck and emailed the Bank.  They were quick to send a regret email, but I could not help wondering how an international bank had a web application, which did not work for some of their product!

The more interesting part was the existence of 2010 and 2011 in the drop down.  It is 2012 now.  What would be the idea in allowing a person to register an expired card?  To see his historic information?

Now I need to call Phonebanking and see how this can be done manually. So much for e-age!

Update:  The website has since then been updated to show from 2012 to 2050 in the drop down for the year. Hey, glad I could not only get my problem sorted out, but as well as help others who would have/will face similar problems!