To chrome or not to chrome

I have been a faithful Firefox fan, mainly thanks to its amazing Add Ons. I use Chrome in my home PC - off and on.  I decided to install Chrome in my office laptop this morning, having discovered that some of the Firefox Add Ons (AdBlock Plus and WebNotifier) are available in Chrome (called Chrome Extensions).

The installation in my Windows 7 laptop was a breeze and so was installing the Add Ons.  It did not require a restart unlike Firefox.

The browser was quite fast and the surfing experience was as good as browsing in Firefox - at least for the sites that I visited.

Being an avid cricket fan, I checked cricinfo for update on an ongoing match and was surprised to see an alert - saying there was a Crininfo extension for Chrome.  I installed it and saw that I could now get the scores with a click of a button so long as Chrome was running.

Chrome also imported all my browsing details from Firefox, which meant I could continue in Chrome where I left off in Firefox. 

I now have a dilemma - to use Chrome or Firefox - a nice state to be in, perhaps...