Why MJ?

No, I am not referring to the late Michael Jackson, arguably the king of pop music.  I am wondering why all the anchors in Radio One have the same initials - MJ.  I hear MJ Prithvi, MJ Pavithra, MJ Rakesh...  Surely, they are not siblings or share the same family name.

Ok, you tell me, MJ is not their family or father's name, but the acronym for Music Jockey or Disc jockey, as they are more popularly known.  Fine, but their profession is implied by what they are doing - anchoring radio shows.  Why keep telling they are MJ this or MJ that?  Their names are good enough to identify them without resorting to their profession, which is obvious.

I don't see Vice Presidents in companies going about telling they are VP this or VP that.   Sure, it can be in their visiting cards.  They may even mention their designation when they converse in groups where they are not known. 

But to self-profess your profession as an initial day-in day-out - that too on Radio - sounds too ego-centric to me.