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Shopping online for cellphone accessories

I misplaced the headset for my cell phone.  Since I listen to FM during the drive to office, I started missing it.  I tried to use the free headphone that Kingfisher provided in their flight (yeah, those were the days of free headphones and pens), but the quality of the headphone was so bad that I could hear the traffic more and music less.

Since I had bought my cell phone through internet (ebay to be precise), I decided that I should purchase a headset through internet as well.  I did some research on the Net, did a cost-benefit analysis and decided on an ebay model.  This cost Rs.245/- including shipping and seemed compatibility with my phone (essentially had a 3.5mm jack).

I ordered the item through ebay and received the shipment promptly in two days.  The headset was there alright and did have a 3.l5mm jack.  The only hitch was, the headphone and the microphone were separate and connected through the 3.5mm jack. The resultant equipment connected to the phone through a connector, in…

Sonar analysis of new features in a legacy codebase

I had a use case the other day to sonar analysis on a small subset of a large codebase.  We have a large legacy codebase and occasional feature development within this codebase.  One might argue, why the new features are developed within this codebase and not as a self-contained module outside it.  Given that it does not happen that way, the question was how to do a sonar analysis of only the new code.

Sonar has a feature called exclusions, which allows us to exclude source code from sonar analysis.  This works well when you want to exclude a subset of the source code from analysis.  But it does not make sense here, when the bulk of the source code needs to be excluded from analysis.

What was required was a way to specify inclusions, i.e. tell sonar to only analyse this subset of the source code.  Interestingly there is a long-pending feature request in sonar for this.

I created a separate pom for this feature and initially tried to exclude everything but the code I wanted to analyse…

401 Authorization Required

Saw this one browsing Rediff this morning.

Clicking on the link lead to a popup asking for username and password!  Evidently, this one must be an erroneous link, but it was quite amusing.  I couldn't help wondering if it was an article related to red tape, where  a large number of approvals required for something.  To substantiate that thought, this link was in the Business tab of rediff as well!

In any case, since this page changes by hour, if not minutes, this would have gone off in no time.

Heart of Ice

Courtesy of Booksneeze, I got a copy of Heart of Ice, a novel by Lis Wiehl, with April Henry [336 pages, Thomas Nelson, ISBN-13: 978-1595547071].  I had read an earlier novel by her, the Hand of Fate.  This was another Tripe Threat novel, where Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce, FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges and crime reporter Cassidy Shaw come together.

The novel revolves around Elizabeth Avery, who could be the girl next door.  A series of mysterious crimes happen - arson, theft, fraud and murder. The Tripe Threat team try to piece together facts and evidences, which do not seem to lead anywhere.  They get to interact with Elizabeth at the gym they go to. In fact, Elizabeth is giving swimming lessons to Cassidy's daughter as well.  The death of a colleague of Cassidy leads them to a hotel, which yields clues, which help them ultimately to nab the perpetrator of the crime.

Like the other novels of Lis Wiehl, Heart of Ice also complements the main story by dwelling into the pe…

Mobile Number: 9.20E+11

I received an email today from a reputed Mutual Fund transfer agent, intimating me about the updation of my mobile phone in their records against my Folio.   Nothing wrong with the email, but for the line asking me to verify that my mobile phone number was the same as what they had in their record.  The next line had my mobile number as follows:

Mobile Number: 9.20E+11
You and I know immediately that this cannot be a valid mobile number, since it has a decimal, an "E" and a "+" symbol.  But how can this reputed transfer agent do this?  The answer is simple - a software anomaly.  The software which is taking the mobile phone data and putting into the email is converting this data into what is called an E-notation.  
The phone number is considered as a large number - possibly 12 digits - 91, followed by the 10-digit number.  The software uses the E-notation to display this number, which actually means 9.2 times 10 to the power of 11, which is 920000000000.   This nu…