So when was Mahavir Jayanti?

Like many other Indian religious festivals which are dependant on lunar calendar rather than Gregorian, Mahavir Jayanti also fell on two different days - based on which part of the country you are from - 4th of April in Bangalore and probably a few other places and 5th of April elsewhere in the country.

It could not have come at a worse time if you had to do some Bank transactions during this week. 2nd of April was a holiday on account of Account Closing. 6th April is a holiday due to Good Friday.  With Mahavir Jayanti sandwiched between the two and falling on different days in the country, you could count only on 3rd April (or wait for Sat, 7th April).

What with all the computerization, I am still surprised why a whole day is need to "close accounts".  That too, when the computers had a field day on 1st April, a Sunday.

I initiated an NEFT transfer on 3rd Apr, which got processed earlier today (5th Apr) - a delay, which I attribute to high volume of transactions on 3rd and holiday for some Banks/Branches on 4th.  

Out of curiosity I decided to find out the Bank holidays from their websites. I started with HDFC Bank. Try as I might, I could not find information in the website. Google search yielded several results of various websites which provided this information - but not the official web pages of the Bank.  SBI was no better.  ICICI Bank was kind enough to provide this information, when I searched for it in their website.

I did find the RBI holiday list though, which I guess pretty much all Banks follow. I am surprised - I thought the least a Bank website should have is their holiday calendar.  Maybe I did not search correctly, but then I am sure there are many others like me.