Upgrading to Precise Pangolin

I booted up my home PC this morning to find an upgrade message - "A new version of ubuntu - 12.04 Precise Pangolin is available.  Would you like to upgrade?"  Like to?  I love to.  This is the second time I was upgrading ubuntu and it has been a breeze.

My broadband has been dead for more than a fortnight thanks to road digging and indifference of BSNL, despite innumerable complaints.  But what are wireless USB dongles for?  Reliance Netconnect+ works like a charm on Ubuntu.

The upgrade screen announced about 800MB of download required with around 1600 packages needing upgrade. The download happened in an hour (a shocker - perhaps wireless broadband is faster on weekends). It did take more than an hour for the upgrade - my desktop being a Pentium 4 1GB configuration.

Unlike the Oneiric Ocelot upgrade, which forced me to Unity desktop (GNOME no longer being supported), this one did not have any noticeable User Interface change.  But Banshee was gone and Rhythmbox in its place.  I had to import all my music again, but I thought the Rhythmbox search was quite good. 

Who would have thought an eight year desktop can still take in a new Operating System?  Kudos to Ubuntu.