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A horrible customer experience at Hometown

The following email sent to describes the problem.  I have masked phone numbers and order number.  What a contrast from the nice Tatasky experience!

Start of email
On Sat, 17th March, I purchased a Dining Table and Sofa as part of an Exchange Offer that was prevalent at that time in the Home Town showroom near Innovative Multiplex, Marthahalli, Bangalore.  Advance Receipt No. xxxyyy.  We were told that while the Dining Table was available for delivery in two-three days, the sofa would take two weeks.  
We wanted the delivery to be done together (as well as the pick-up of the old furniture). So we were prepared to wait till Mon, 3rd April. 
Around 3-4 Apri, we were informed that there was a delay in the arrival of the sofa.  Soon after we started getting calls from various people - one asking when the old furniture could be picked up, another asking when the new dining table could be delivered and the third asking when the new furniture could be assembled.  Our a…

A nice customer service experience from Tatasky

A few days back, I realized my Tatasky subscription was expiring.  I had received a bunch of recharge vouchers when I had got the Tatsky Set Top Box.  I used to use them as and when required whenever the subscription amount ran out.

I logged into the Tatasky portal and used one of the coupons.  Imagine my shock when I got a message "This coupon has expired".  I looked at the coupon and saw a few lines of text in very fine print. Among the lines was one: Expiration Date: Jan 2012.

Now, I can understand expiry date for perishable items or consumables.  But for a prepaid recharge voucher?  It made no sense.  I now decided to look at all the remaining vouchers that I had and found one more which expired and two which expired in March 2013.

This was even more interesting - how in a bunch of vouchers - some expired and some did not.  Perhaps, this was based on the denomination.

In any case, for the immediate need I used the unexpired (still valid) recharge vouchers.  Through th…