A nice customer service experience from Tatasky

A few days back, I realized my Tatasky subscription was expiring.  I had received a bunch of recharge vouchers when I had got the Tatsky Set Top Box.  I used to use them as and when required whenever the subscription amount ran out.

I logged into the Tatasky portal and used one of the coupons.  Imagine my shock when I got a message "This coupon has expired".  I looked at the coupon and saw a few lines of text in very fine print. Among the lines was one: Expiration Date: Jan 2012.

Now, I can understand expiry date for perishable items or consumables.  But for a prepaid recharge voucher?  It made no sense.  I now decided to look at all the remaining vouchers that I had and found one more which expired and two which expired in March 2013.

This was even more interesting - how in a bunch of vouchers - some expired and some did not.  Perhaps, this was based on the denomination.

In any case, for the immediate need I used the unexpired (still valid) recharge vouchers.  Through the same web portal, I sent a message stating the problem I had and asking if something could be done about it.

I received a call from Tatasky the next day.  I explained the problem to the caller.  I asked him why their coupons were expiring.  Of course, he had no answer to that, but asked me to send across the expired coupons to them.  The same information came as an email to me as well, with the postal address.

This gave me an opportunity to post something after a long long time!  I got a call a couple of days later asking about my service request.  I repeated the story and also mentioned I had posted the coupons.

Then came another call after another couple of days.  This caller said they had recieved the coupons, but again wanted to know what happened.  I realized I should have recorded my version of events so that I can save the trouble of repeating manually!

I was quite impressed by the follow-up though the callers could not answer the only question that I had - why the expiry (en intha kolaveri)?

I saw a message flash in my TV, while watching the Mumbai-RCB IPL match yesterday evening.  I opened it to see that my account had been charged with the amount in the recharge vouchers which had expired.

To top it, there was a call this morning from Tatasky stating they had credited my account with the value of the expired vouchers.

Overall an amazing customer service experience.  Tatasky had every reason to state that they could do nothing about the expired voucher and it was my duty to read the fine prints.  They did not have to do multiple follow-up calls just to update me that they were working on my request.

I do feel their subscription rates are quite high.  But hats off to their customer service.


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