Bleeding edge of technology

Living on the bleeding edge of technology is exciting but can sometimes give you worries.

I run the continuous integration software jenkins in our group to build some of our components.  I had configured it to run 6-7 jobs.  I manually kept it upgraded to the latest and the greatest version each time it was released. I never faced any issue with the upgrades.

jenkins-1.467 came out and as usual I did the upgrade with not a care in the world.  Imagine my shock when I came this morning and found missing jobs in the jenins page?

I logged in and tried to see what could be wrong.  I could not find anything. I checked the jenkins installation and work folders and found that the all the job folders existed.

Something was indeed amiss.  Two jobs were missing and both were jobs which triggered sonar analysis.  I googled for jenkins upgrade to 1.467  and there it was - [JIRA] (JENKINS-14036) Sonar jobs not appering after upgrade.  This in turn led to Jenkins Sonar Plugin incompatible with latest Jenkins version 1.467.

Looks like this would get fixed in the next release of jenkins - 1.468.

But what was good was, it took me less than a minute to revert to jenkins-1.466 and things were back to normal.