How to find your BSNL landline bill online

As detailed in my earlier write-up, BSNL has upgraded its portal services.   There is now a separate portal for selfcare (whatever that means) and another to pay bills.   

One would think that the portal to pay the bills would be the place to view/download them as well.  That is wishful thinking.

After multiple trial and error attempts, I finally found out where the landline bills are available online for viewing.    Follow the steps outlined below.

1. Register in the BSNL self care portal if you have not.
2. Login
3. You will see two tabs Home and Service
4. Click on Service
5. You will find a bunch of links with some description.  Choose Check My Bills. (See image below)

6. This will take you to My Billing Details
7. Click on the Billing Account Number
8. You will find a list of Bills
9. Choose the bill from May 2012.  (Other links give error since the previous bills are not available in the portal)

If you want to pay the bills online, register in the other portal and pay the bill - I have not tried this since I have an ECS mandate.