Yet another BSNL rant

I have resisted myself from making yet another write-up on BSNL.  But how long can I?  Things have now come to a state that I now wonder if BSNL itself knows what is happening.

It all started when Bengaluru Telephone District migrated to a new IT platform called CDR-Based Billing platform  - in their continuous endeavour to server their customers better (paraphrasing from their email dated 22nd April).

For about two weeks during this migration - their complaint system was inaccessible - both web-based and IVRS-based.  Calling the direct Exchange numbers listed in their website resulted in such hilarious responses as "We are migrating to a new system and hence cannot take your complaint".

Bottom-line was about three weeks outage in April and a similar one in May. Perhaps the digging around our apartment (a case for another write-up) was a possible root cause. But I understand that the phone was working for some people in the apartment and not others.  This seems to indicate other problems as well.

IVRS started working from April last week, around the same time as their new look portal.   However, I have never been able to successfully complete an IVRS complaint booking since it gets disconnected at various points of time.

BSNL now has a portal for selfcare and another to view and pay bill. I managed to register a complaint through the selfcare and it is still open as of today.

I have been trying to view my latest landline bill through the portal in vain. I did not receive it by post (as I used to) either.  As I have an ECS mandate, I was worried what advice would go to the Bank.  As it is, there has been no ECS debit for BSNL - why does that not surprise me?

A couple of days back, I could see a landline bill on logging in to the portal. The payment due date was 19th June and I could see the bill amount.  Try as I might, I could not figure out a way to see the bill.

Of late, the only purpose BSNL has had is to serve as a means of address proof (and a costly one for that if I may say). If I am no longer going to get a regular bill, I might as well, rely on my LPG bills for this.

The depth to which BSNL has fallen from the monopoly it enjoyed a decade or so back is amazing.