The passports arrive

After all the hullabaloo of Passport Seva Portal and passport application experiences, I received an SMS on Fri, 6 July - exactly 6 working days from the date of application - intimating the despatch of the passport that I had applied for my son.   My wife got an identical SMS on the same day for hers as well.

She also got an SMS from the police station near our home, asking us to visit in person with some documents.   Hers was in the second mode of Police verification - verification required on a post-passport issuance basis.  This was surprising since our address had changed from the previous passport.  Perhaps it was because the previous passport was also issued from Bangalore office.  Or perhaps they felt we had been undergone our fair share of travails.

We were out of station.  The postman from India Post SpeedPost was kind enough to leave a note with his cell number.  He was kinder enough to re-deliver both the passports on Monday.  The same evening, we visited the Police Station.  It was a quick process and took hardly any time and more importantly - no money.  A lady was in charge and perhaps that made the difference?

The passports looks thinner than before and I could see smudges where the details are printed.  Cost-cutting?   Anyway, all is well that ends well.  It looks like minor passports and renewals take only about two weeks - non-tatkal that too.   The weak link is getting the appointment!