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The queue to rival tirupathi

I was going to San Francisco, US - my first US trip in 3 years.  My last one was to LA in Jan 2009.  I was also flying Emirates for the first time - transiting via Dubai.

My flight was at 4.15 AM on Sun, 19 Aug, which meant, my Saturday sleep was screwed.  I had reached Bangalore Airport by 12.15 AM and managed to keep myself awake - first 45 min courtesy free Airport wi-fi and another 45 reading.   This meant, by the time, the flight left, I was zapped.

The flight to Dubai was quite short and included a meal, which I could barely recall eating.  The transit time was short and this meant I was in another flight in less than two hours.   By the way, Dubai Airport did not have a free wi-fi.  The Dubai-SFO flight duration was 15 hours - can you imagine!   Economy class tickets meant you could just about lean back.  Luckily my travel agent managed to get me an aisle seat and my fellow passengers did not get too many calls from nature.

The Emirates flight is good - the in-flight entertain…

My first Mac

I finally got to have Macintosh as my official laptop.

I started out with HP-UX desktop when I joined Hewlett-Packard fresh out of College.  Windows box was used only by the Managers then - who did not have to run any decent applications.  I remember using elm to check emails and Netscape Navigator to browse the net.  I did not have superuser account, which meant I could not install applications at my whims and fancies.  Also, not all software ran on HP-UX (despite it being a Unix variant).  It was a real thrill getting to build some of the open source libraries and getting them to run on HP-UX - for instance, apache with its various modules and openssl.

I guess Windows XP was my first Windows system.  Fortunately I escaped the older buggier versions of the Microsoft OS.

Once I left HP, HP-UX gave way to Redhat linux.  The open source version of Redhat got rechristened to  Fedora. I was fortunate to have access to a linux desktop in each of the subsequent companies that I worked in.…