My first Mac

I finally got to have Macintosh as my official laptop.

I started out with HP-UX desktop when I joined Hewlett-Packard fresh out of College.  Windows box was used only by the Managers then - who did not have to run any decent applications.  I remember using elm to check emails and Netscape Navigator to browse the net.  I did not have superuser account, which meant I could not install applications at my whims and fancies.  Also, not all software ran on HP-UX (despite it being a Unix variant).  It was a real thrill getting to build some of the open source libraries and getting them to run on HP-UX - for instance, apache with its various modules and openssl.

I guess Windows XP was my first Windows system.  Fortunately I escaped the older buggier versions of the Microsoft OS.

Once I left HP, HP-UX gave way to Redhat linux.  The open source version of Redhat got rechristened to  Fedora. I was fortunate to have access to a linux desktop in each of the subsequent companies that I worked in. I took particular delight in upgrading Fedora version each time it released.  My home PC had a dual boot running XP and Fedora.  Fedora gave way to Ubuntu once I got exposed to it.

One of our projects got to use Macintosh, but more to certify that the software worked on it - rather than as a development environment.  I was indeed a stranger to Mac until I got to work with a customer, many of whose developers used Mac - so much so that they released a Mac flavour of their product, which hitherto worked only on Windows.  This was also the first time I realized Mac could be a development box and not just a fancy system used by UI/UX folks.

When I got an option to choose my laptop in my current organization and one of the choices was Mac, I was quick to select it, desptie having never used it.

I did know that Mac had a command shell similar to Unix. Having used cygwin on all my office Windows laptops, I hoped the Mac shell would spare me the need to do this.

I was initialy given a Core 2 Duo laptop with 4GB RAM - a far cry from the i5 Windows laptop that I used in my earlier organization.  It took me a while to get used to the Mac mouse.  I was pleasantly surprised at what you could do with your fingers and realized why Mac users did not need an external mouse.

It took me three weeks before I could get my hand on my current MacBook Pro - an i7 quad core 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD version.  And boy, am I loving it!  The shell is a bash shell - which means I get to enjoy the power of unix.  The User Interface is amazing as Mac is noted for.  The battery life of Mac is pretty good too.

In a short time of 5 weeks, I must confess I am pretty much hooked on to Mac. Each day I discover new things - most notably the fact that a lot of development happens on Mac and lots of software consequently exists on Mac. (Yeah, Samsung Kies does not run though)